Dear Operating Partner Candidates,

Thank you for your interest in the Operating Partner Program. From the inception of Dillas we always dreamed of having the ability to offer our top-level leaders a world-class role that would give them a sense of what it is like to own a restaurant. It would be a program where individuals were selected based on their character and ability to build a special Team of people and to make a difference in their communities. I knew that these individuals would want a level of autonomy - some freedom to operate. I knew these individuals would want a life - something that they could build to support their family vision. Finally, I knew these individuals would want to have a little skin in the game - something that they put in to earn the title and the higher percentage of the profit they work so hard for. After I left college and went into the “real world” to pursue my vision for Dillas, I came across many different “partner” opportunities, took the best from them, and put them into this program.

The Dillas Operating Partner Program is a well-rounded program that offers tremendous upside but really lowers the barriers to entry associated with creating your own brand or opening your own restaurant. It also brings with it support, as an Operating Partner, you’re never alone. You have your Dillas peers and a full Home Office support Team to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful and run a PRIMO restaurant. As I came up through the restaurant business, this was the program I was looking for but wasn’t available to me. What better way to make it available than to start your own business and offer it to other high achievers and Team builders like myself! I know that qualification isn’t easy and that maintaining an Operating Partner restaurant isn’t easy but neither is life. It's a challenge but the rewards it offers, both intangible and tangible, far outweigh the bumps along the path. The key has always been people and will continue to be people. If you are passionate about building great Teams and empowering them to do their best work - you will be a wildly successful Operating Partner and you should APPLY! Our goal is to leverage the Operating Partner Program to attract top-level talent and create a clear pinnacle for the leaders we develop internally. We will strive to make EVERY Dillas an Operating Partner Restaurant. Dillas is committed to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit, and we aim to keep this program thriving, in turn, keeping you surrounded by next-level leaders to continue your personal and business development.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Kyle & Maggie Gordon, Founders Dillas Quesadillas

How do I become an Operating Partner?

Operating Partners are the tip of the spear, top-level leaders, and Team builders at Dillas Quesadillas. These operators consistently deliver industry-leading performance in the fields of business development, people development, marketing, community impact, and unit-level operations excellence. Our Operating Partners are those that have earned the right to be more autonomous than a typical General Manager because of how they create a Team of top performers empowered to achieve our primo standards. Our Operating Partners still align with all of the company goals and metrics and leverage all of the same systems, policies, and procedures as the rest of the company. Due to the high level of “ownership”, they take in their Team, Dillas and their community, they are compensated for their high-level consistent performance. As with everyone at Dillas, Operating Partners will be rewarded based on their effectiveness in making the people around them better. The compensation is directly related to the high level of commitment to primo restaurant performance.

To learn more about the OP Program, the buy-in, and how we evaluate external candidates, please apply so you can interview with the Founder, Kyle, and the Area Leader in DFW.

$1000 Signing Bonus - paid 6 weeks after starting date

Job Perks:

  • Industry-leading pay
  • 10-week Training
  • Clear roles and Development binder
  • Enthusiastic Culture
  • Telehealth Benefits
  • Cause-driven Community Impact
  • A seat at the leadership table with the Founder
  • Guaranteed Bonus Program
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Free Food
  • 80 Hours Paid Time Off
  • Closed Every Major Holiday
  • Half-Day on Super Bowl Sunday
  • 3 shifts per week
  • An admin day
  • Ongoing Career Development
  • 2 Formal Reviews per year (pay increase opportunities)
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Tips
  • Salary: $60,000.00 to $100,000.00 /year


The core mission of the GM/OP is to drive stellar operational performance at the single-unit level. You oversee the entire restaurant. You’ll be in charge of recruiting and hiring A Players, both Managers, and Team Members. You’ll lead their development and instill the Dillas culture to create a Team of top performers empowered to achieve our primo standards. You’ll take the lead in motivating the Team to achieve financial and operational metrics. The GM lives our culture; you’re positive, enthusiastic, and motivated to exceed expectations. You align the restaurant at all times towards our Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Core Values!


    1. Lead, Manage, and Accountability:
      • Give Clear Direction - Set the tone daily by giving clear direction to your Team. Have energetic pre and post-shift meetings and align the Team with the goals!
      • Creating an Opening - Set goals and empower the Team to achieve them. Provide opportunities for success!
      • Set Clear Expectations - Define the standards with great training and be vocal about the expectations at Dillas. Be a great coach.
      • Communication - Give feedback and seek feedback. We want to communicate really well and have an open-door mentality when confronting issues.
      • Follow up - You’ve given direction and set expectations. Now - follow up on if the Team achieved the goal or not. If yes, CELEBRATE IT! If not, it's okay. Let's root cause why and put a plan in place to succeed next time.
    2. PRIMO Shifts:
      • Deliver The Goods! - On each shift, you elevate our Core Values: Good Food, Good People, and Good Times while Working Hard and Keeping It Clean!
      • Use the Tools - leverage company provided materials to train, coach, and run high performing shifts
      • Get Dirty - be a hands-on working manager. YOU lead by example in keeping an immaculately clean restaurant
      • Execute - drive key measures of shifts to include: cleanliness, speed of service, training, food cost, and labor to name a few
      • Unique Experience - Be a Customer advocate and communicate Customer needs to Team Members to assure PRIMO Customer satisfaction during shift
    3. PRIMO People:
      • Prioritize people - know that Team and Customer safety is our number one priority
      • Cultivate the Culture - build an enthusiastic “family with accountability” culture. Understand that Manpower is your first priority and how you recruit, onboard, train, empower, and develop people will be your calling card for success.
      • Rules - know the rules and ensure they’re followed by all
    4. Financial Performance, Strategy, and Admin:
      • P&L - Know it top to bottom and what to do to improve areas of opportunity
      • Look ahead - be a great planner to build consistency and stability
      • Look around - have the ability to predict what forces could impact your business internally and externally
      • Busy work - admin work is a part of the job and should be executed efficiently and accurately so the Home Office can fulfill their Mission of “Primo support for our restaurant Teams!” Have a DO IT NOW - zero procrastination mentality!
    5. You’re a Big Dilla:
      • Be a great coach - train the Team on proper Dillas procedures on each shift
      • Inspire - motivate Team to maximize their potential on each shift
      • Appreciate - Respect your Team and treat others the way you want to be treated
      • Acknowledge - Understand the Team made a choice to work with us. Thank them often.
      • Award - Celebrate the successes! Recognize the Team for PRIMO performance!
    6. Marketing and Sales:
      • First things first - Operations is our number one marketing tool, you understand that
      • Cheerleader - be enthusiastic in your participation and support of Dillas marketing, sales, and promotion efforts!
      • Relationships - We’re not a restaurant in the community, we’re the community restaurant. Build lasting relationships and partners based on our Purpose.
      • Above and Beyond - execute primo caterings and onsite events as you grow the brand in your community